Control System Migration

Streamline Your DCS Migration

Weidmuller’s patented new universal conversion/migration platform will substantially reduce the time and expense of updating your legacy Honeywell DCS systems to any new DCS, or Control System.

Uniquely designed solution

The key to Weidmuller’s migration platform is in the design. It permits your existing field wiring to remain in place and undisturbed on the front panel adaptor, and eliminates the need to wire-trace or ring-out.

replacing controller card image

Compatibility means flexibility

The assembly is a universal conversion/migration system for all legacy Honeywell IPC-620 DCS systems, enabling you to seamlessly migrate to any new control system.


Minimal components maximize migration efficiency

Weidmuller’s migration solution includes just two versions of a card adaptor, 12- and 22- points, and two cable types to accommodate flying leads or pre-wired field connections.

universal card adaptors

Global approvals

The card adaptors are cURus approved, and the certified cables are UL and CSA listed. In addition, the cables are RoHS and FT4 rated at 300V.

Global Approval logos