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Simply design protected, “end to end” connections

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The key to Weidmuller’s HDC Cable Configurator is in the design. We have taken the complexity out of designing your connecting cables in order to simplify and streamline the process. Simply start with the number of connections and the configurator guides the design, from the cable assembly to the mating connectors. The convenience extends to ordering only one part number for a complete cable harness and one part number for each mating assembly required by the application.

Up to a maximum of three part numbers are needed to provide a pluggable “end to end” connection between panels, machinery, equipment, etc.

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  • Guided creation of custom cable harness by specification
    • Assembled in accordance with UL and CSA, by a UL registered and ISO compliant firm
    • Machine tool wire is RoHS and FT4 rated at 600V
    • 6-32 poles available in gauges 20…12AWG
    • The selection of flying leads can be made in place of a hood for applications where direct wiring is required.
  • Optional selection of mating connectors (side A & B)
  • Includes Weidmuller’s Rockstar® HDC inserts and housings:
    • HE inserts are screw and Push In (crimp for 12 AWG only)
    • Housings include bulkheads, hoods, couplers, bases and optional covers. All gland openings are PG.
    • UL and CSA listed products at 600V, 16A
  • Items are kitted in one box if one PO# is used when ordering harness and mating connectors
  • A printable quote is generated right away, including a drawing of the components and a descriptive
    custom part number for the harness, and any side assemblies

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Q: What should I know about my application before I start?
A: You will need the minimum number of poles per connector for your cable assembly and the type of housing (hood or coupler). The type of housing is important only when connecting to an existing bulkhead, coupler, etc. If you are starting a new “end-to-end” connection, you can select the type of housing from a selection of options. When choosing a “base” with gland openings for side “A” or side “B” assemblies (not on the harness), you should know the diameter of the cable you are using in your application in order to choose the right gland opening.
Q: I need to confirm the products used meet with my specifications. How do I obtain a datasheet for my custom part numbers?
A: Technical information and data sheets for components can supplied upon request via our technical support team. A custom part number created with the HDC Cable Configurator is required to provide thorough documentation.
Q: Are your HDC cable assemblies UL and CSA?
A: HDC cable assemblies cannot be UL and CSA “listed” due to the custom nature of wire harnesses; however, all components used to build the cable harness are UL and CSA listed. In addition, harness assembly is performed by a UL recognized firm, assuring a high quality connection and adherence to industry standards.
Q: Why can’t I find a particular part in the list of available options in the configurator?
A: Some housings are not compatible with our Machine Tool Wire specifications. Every possible solution provided by our configurator is compatible with the cable specifications. As you make selections, your options will narrow down to viable solutions automatically. In other words, you only see what works.
Q: What is the lead-time for a cable harness and side “A” and “B” assembly kits?
A: Our standard lead time is about 4-6 weeks from the time of order for most kitted cable assemblies. However; the time may vary depending upon quantity and the length of the cable. Lead time provided at the time of order acknowledgement will be more accurate than this estimate.
Q: How do I order my quoted harness and side “A” and “B” assembly kits?
A: When ordering from a Weidmuller Authorized Distributor, in addition to providing the custom part numbers generated by the configurator, be sure to clarify how you want items to arrive. For instance, would you like the harness boxed together with the harness and side “A” and/or “B”, or boxed separately? We also suggest providing a contact name and number for Weidmuller to use for any additional information about the build. If you are a distributor, please include the customer contact information on the PO. If all three part numbers are listed on one PO, Weidmuller will deliver all three items in one box. Separate PO’s are required for each item you would like kitted separately.
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Q: Why did I receive an invoice for one part number, when I ordered three?
A: If you choose to kit the cable harness and side “A” and “B”, Weidmuller will generate an “internal” part number (672xxxxxx) for one kit containing the three custom descriptive part numbers provided on the purchase order. The acknowledgement received by the Distributor will include a note that all three items will arrive in one box. The box will include a label indicating the kit part number (672xxxxxx) and will list three descriptive part numbers ordered for your reference and reconciliation. Distributor invoice includes the one kit part number (672xxxxxx) with the total cost of all three sub-components. If you are the end customer it is best to ask your Weidmuller Authorized Distributor how you will be billed.
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Q: I am a Weidmuller Authorized Distributor, how do I calculate my cost?
A: Items built by the configurator will supply a list price for end customers. Distributors should apply the multiplier they receive on Value-added Assemblies to this list price. Do not use the HDC multiplier.
Q: I am being told my list price is no longer valid, what does that mean?
A: The List price quote generated by our HDC Cable Configurator is based on list pricing for our HDC components – it is dynamic and will calculate each time a descriptive part number is generated. When a list price is updated on one of the HDC components in your assembly, it will create a new list price for the harness and/or side “A” and side “B” assemblies. Weidmuller will honor your “old” quote for 30 days, but you will be asked to present the .pdf quote. Please be sure to download and save your .pdf quotes (select the “create a PDF” option).
Q: How do I order an HDC Cable Harness with options that are not available from the configurator?
A: Weidmuller has a Value-added Services Department with engineers on staff to handle any custom project, from kitting to assembly. If you need shielded cable, IP68 housings or a pole count not provided by the configurator, just call your Weidmuller Authorized Sales Representative or Distributor and discuss your requirements.
Q: How do I add a cable I intend to purchase regularly to a Special Pricing Agreement?
A: Before a cable or assembly designed by the configurator can be added to an SPA, it needs to be ordered once via the purchase order method. This allows us to provide you with a “sample” kit to be reviewed prior to establishing an internal numeric part number than can be used on an SPA. Once you have ordered and received your first cable, your Weidmuller Sales Representative can assist in establishing an SPA. Distributors need only reference your PO# from the first cable order and we will be able to locate the numeric part number for the SPA.
Q: How do I calculate the total length of my cable harness?
A: The first step to designing your cable harness will include a prompt for cable length. This length is represented by the cable length measured from gland to gland on the assembled harness. There is a length variance on this measurement of - 0cm /+ 7.62 to 15.2cm. For over-all length, provide your descriptive part number to our technical support department to obtain datasheets. Obtain the housing dimensions from the datasheets and add these dimensions to the cable length you specified.



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