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ORing Industrial Networking Corp. offers the variety of products for all of your industrial networking needs. Choose from ORing's complete product line which consists of Industrial Ethernet Switches, Industrial Media Converters, Industrial Device Servers, Industrial Wireless Access Points, Industrial Cellular VPN Routers, Industrial USB-Over-IP Servers, Accessories, and Network Management Utility.

You can also find the right ORing product for you in many other ways. For example, you can choose by network speed (Gigabit, fast, etc.), mounting options (rack-mount, DIN-rail, wall-mount, as well as other special-installation types), types of data paths (regular Ethernet, weatherproof Ethernet, PoE, wireless LAN, USB, etc.), industry-specific applications (as shown below), and many more.

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  • Weidmuller, Canada  Phone: 800.268.4080
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