Marshalling Cable Solutions

Engineered Marshalling Cables

Engineered Cable

These special cables are designed and built to make connections to your DCS simple and easy regardless of how the field cables are terminated. There are versions to connect to field terminations via a FTA’s (clamshell version), pluggable terminal blocks (BLZ, 5.08 version) or individual blocks (Flying lead versions).

The cable options offered include:

  • Custom cable lengths in any length in whole meters from 2 meters up to 99 meters
  • Custom fan out on flying lead lengths from 0.3 meters to 9 meters
  • Custom “Y” split lengths on cables with split ends from 0.3 meters to 9 meters
  • Wire type, Dataguide is approved by Honeywell, *Alpha cable available upon request
  • Two cable size options, 18 AWG and 22AWG
  • Custom control end and field end terminations such as clamshell, PCB connectors (standard 5.08), flying leads (ferruled, blunt, or tinned)
  • Choice of wire direction including either top or bottom entry
  • Choice of field wiring direction either field wiring left or right

The Marshalling Cable Designer provides two output options:

  • The PDF output selection provides a graphical representation of the cable designed, specifications of the cable and the wiring table for each specific cable.
  • The Excel output option provides the same information as the PDF version and the list price per cable and Honeywell actual exact cost for each cable designed.

A handy cable designer utility has been developed to make cable design, selection, and costing simple and fast.

Marshalling Cable Configurator

Marshalling Cable Drawings

Marshalling Cable Drawings

Detailed cable specification drawings including in wiring tables, wiring diagrams, bills of materials and engineered drawings are provided. Also included in each file is the model number creation key for each marshalling cable.