Marshalling Cable Solutions

Weidmuller has teamed with designers to provide a simple and easy solution to marshal DCS control systems. This complete marshalling system features two field wiring termination options with using either field termination assemblies or terminal blocks and engineered marshalling cables.

Engineered Cable

Engineered Marshalling Cables

These special cables are designed and built to make connections to your DCS simple and easy regardless of how the field cables are terminated. There are versions to connect to field terminations via a FTA’s (clamshell version), pluggable terminal blocks (BLZ, 5.08 version) or individual blocks (Flying lead versions).

Marshalling Cable Configurator

Field Termination Assembly

Field Termination Assemblies

A range of field termination assemblies (FTA’s) include discrete and analog versions. Some versions will feature disconnects and test points.

Terminal Block

Terminal Block Kits

Weidmuller offers a full line of terminal blocks with pluggable connectors. These terminal blocks have been custom kitted in eight configurations.

Marshalling Cable Specs

Marshalling Cable Drawings

Marshalling Cable Drawings

Detailed cable specification drawings including in wiring tables, wiring diagrams, bills of materials and engineered drawings are provided. Also included in each file is the model number creation key for each marshalling cable.